When the Roof Leaks

Do you see stains coming down from the ceiling? Does your attic have puddles after a hard rain? What about that one room you don’t go in very often, does it smell more moldy than musty?

Water damage from a roof leak can be silent and slow in developing. But it can cause serious damage including anything from black mold to needing a complete roof replacement. Whether the damage is caused by time and torrential rain or a single damaged shingle in one corner of your roof, it’s important to stay on top of it and take note when you see or smell changes in your home.

When Water Stains Appear

It may be from that one time the toilet overflowed, but if you have a water stain on the ceiling – or from the ceiling down the walls – there’s a good chance it all started on the roof. 

A quick way to find out is to take a trip to the attic to discover any drips after a good rain. You can also look for wet insulation – or insulation with stains. Old stains may not be a problem if they are still dry after a storm, but fresh stains mean you need to call someone to look at your roof for damage and leaks.

Obviously, puddles in the attic or water actively dripping through a ceiling light or fan mean you have an immediate problem. Get a roof inspector out to your home ASAP.

When You Smell Mold

 But what about the damage you DON’T see? Your sense of smell comes in handy when a slow leak leaves a trail of mold and mildew inside the walls or in the attic. Do a thorough walk through of your home once a month to be sure you’re not missing any visible or invisible signs of water damage and if you do – take action.

A roof inspector has the know-how, confidence, and education to climb your roof to check out missing, worn or damaged shingles, clear signs of hail damage, and so much more.

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