Rev. Akilas Abraham of Bethel India Christian Assembly shares his experience having Grant replace the roof of his home.

Can you tell me about how you met Grant and what was it like working with him, having your roof replaced?

When it came time to change my roof, basically, I was figuring out who I should call and approach. Through Google, I found out a couple of companies and fortunately I called Grant.  He came over here and gave me a quote.

His quote was much more reasonable than the previous quotes, which I got it from other companies. And I just felt happy to work with Grant. He was very approachable, very relational and professional.

Basically I didn’t have any challenge or any hard time. Everything was a very easy process, basically, from my side. He sent the letter to the insurance company and the money granted. Things were very easy for me as a customer. So as I already said, I’m a 100% satisfied customer and I always recommend him for anybody else.

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