House with ridge ventWe included an extra energy-efficient feature on one of our residential roof replacements: a new ridge vent.

Ridge vents are a specially-designed ventilation system that blends in with the profile of your home. They are engineered to vent more hot air than the low profile box vents you usually see installed on a home.

The ridge vent releases heat more effectively because of its positioning on the house. As opposed to a normal vent, which is isolated in one spot, a ridge vent runs along the entire roof. This allows for a sleeker, more modern design, as well as greater heat release.

The Advantages of Ridge Vents

A ridge ventilation system gives you multiple benefits as a homeowner:

  1. The vent’s more streamlined design makes your home look more appealing and less cluttered.
  2.  Ridge vents have a higher heat exhaust rate than many other alternatives.
  3. It extends your roof’s overall lifespan by more efficiently releasing damaging heat and moisture from those groggy Oklahoma summers.
  4. Unlike most other vents, which have large openings that can permit heat to reenter the house, ridge vents won’t let escaped heat back in.
  5. Wind passing over the roof better helps draw out negative pressure, heat, and moisture from your home.
  6. The ridge vent is a standalone ventilation system that doesn’t need any other cluttered and boxy vent systems around it to work properly.
  7. It better allows fresh air to enter your home.

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