Question: Are All Roofing Companies the Same?
Answer: The answer is a resounding NO.

In our industry, roofers come and go. Often these guys are in it to make a quick buck after a major storm or disaster. So beware new roofing companies with names that make them sound bright, shiny, and reliable.

In reality they might not be around when your roof starts showing signs of their poor workmanship. You might find yourself in need of roofing repair  –  or a full replacement! – with no sign of the roofing company that guaranteed their work.

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Question: How is Messick the Better Choice for Commercial Roofing?

Answer: In a word – Experience!

As for Messick Roofing, we’re the oldest roofing company in Northeastern Oklahoma, and a third generation family business. We’ve seen countless roofing companies come and go…but we’re still here. Our commercial roofing specialists are experienced professionals.

Not only that, but being around so long has given us the advantage of experience and an awareness of how insurance companies work from the inside out. (We have a secret weapon, but more on that later!)

Worried about the cost? We will work hand-in-hand with your insurance company, and we even use same software. So there’s no confusion in the process, and you’re sure to get the best price and best job completed ASAP.

We answer our own phones. Call (918) 747-7141 for help right away!