“It was a great customer service experience.”– Jason Smith

We sat down with Jason Smith to learn about his experience having Messick replacing his home’s roof.

How did you get connected with Grant?

Our experience with Grant and Messick Roofing really began five years ago. There had been a storm come through and some other roofing companies were going door to door, and we received an estimate essentially to replace our whole roof, and we wanted to get a second opinion. So we contacted Grant based on the excellent reviews and history for Messick Roofing, and they came out and they looked at our roof and said we do not need to replace our entire roof. We can do a repair.

And so they came out. They completed the repair for us. Didn’t even charge us for that repair. And so when we were looking to replace our roof again and repair damage for this time, more recently, we contacted Grant again and Messick Roofing came out and did a great job.

What was it like working with Messick?

So our experience with Grant and the roofing team is they were here during some very long, hot summer days, but their team was always incredibly courteous. They were very clean. They picked up all the different materials each day and they were very hard workers and we had a great experience with them.

Grant himself would reach out to us multiple times a day just to make sure that everything was going okay, see if we needed anything. And it was a great customer service experience.

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