Purchasing a new home? Protect yourself by taking a solid look through your home – especially your roof, by performing a roof inspection!

Check for missing shingles, a warped roofline, and popping nails (a sign of heat stress and likely not enough ventilation). But you can also look inside the home for roof damage. If the attic has flooring, you can go up there yourself and take a look. You can even check it out if there is no floor: just stay on the studs and be very careful if you do.

Be careful! Roofing nails can come through the decking above, so watch your head.

It doesn’t take much effort to spot if something’s wrong. Just pay attention to sights, smells, and sounds, and be sure to check over the insulation. Be observant. Even leaks that evaporate quickly in the summer may leave visible stains on the insulation. A musty smell just might be from mold growing around a roof leak around a bathroom vent. Listen for the air coming through where it shouldn’t.

If you’re uncertain – we’re here to help. Around the northeastern Oklahoma area, realtors know us.

If you want a pro to check over your roof, we will come out and do a FREE inspection.

One couple noticed leaking in a home after the inspector came out and approved it all. They looked in the attic and found a bucket full that was overflowing. It was just some simple flashing around the dormer that needed to be replaced. It was only a $500 repair! But the inspection had missed it.

Don’t assume your home inspection will catch everything. With the housing market right now, inspectors are seriously pressed for time and may miss things that a more specialized pro would spot. If you want another look at your roof, we’re here to help.

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