Grant Golliver, the owner of Messick Roofing & Construction, shares how Oklahoma homeowners can find a good dependable roofer.

Where to Look for Reputable Roofers

I would say go through the Construction Industries Board. They’ve got a list that’s either compliant or not compliant. I believe they, they phrase it in good standing or not in good standing. 

The ORCA (Oklahoma Roofing Contractors Association) website is a great place as well. The Better Business Bureau has been solid for decades. That’s a great way to get references from people.

Also look on Facebook. That’s a great way as well. You can see kind of what some of the people in the community are saying about them, as well as Google.

Watch out for bad actors

I would also recommend that you do your background check on how long somebody’s been in business.

Just because somebody’s been in business a few years isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But sometimes companies go out of business and open back up under a new name because they’re under penalty for not paying their taxes, or they don’t do good workmanship, or they don’t back up their workmanship. 

So I would recommend that you do your background check on the companies as well. See why they’ve only been in business a few years and see what else they can do to be compliant in the state of Oklahoma.

What to look for when getting a bid

I would say you want to definitely make sure that it’s itemized. I have clients all the time that ask me, “The other roofer just gave me a dollar amount and told me they were gonna give me a new roof. Are you all going to take off the old shingles?” Obviously, yes, we’re doing that every time. If we did not, it would void the manufacturer’s warranty.

We’re gonna replace all roofing penetrations, whether that is a ventilation box or a pipe flashing from a roofing penetration. We’re gonna definitely make sure that there’s at least seven to 10 line items that we would replace on your roof. We’re not just gonna give you a number on the contract.

As far as low and high bids go, there’s a lot of companies out there that are just swinging for the fences. I would do your background checks on companies to see where they’re coming from.

Choose someone with character

There’s a lot of very bad detailed descriptions out there online of some companies and how they do business. Select somebody based on the character of how they represent themselves with you, and then just do a background check on the company and see what they’re about.

Companies come and go. Just because somebody goes out of business doesn’t mean they’re in business the next year under a different name. So do your background checks, review those websites that I mentioned earlier, and I think you’re gonna be just fine.

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