“Basically, this prevents contractors from committing insurance fraud.”
-Grant Golliver

Since November 1, 2022, roofing contractors are no longer allowed to pay homeowner’s insurance deductibles.

We sat down with Grant Golliver, owner of Messick Roofing, to learn what this change to the law means for homeowners.

No More Deductible Assistance

“Basically, this prevents contractors from committing insurance fraud,” Golliver says. “A lot of times, our clients will need assistance with their deductible and a contractor will offer an advertising credit by putting their company’s yard sign in the front yard while they’re performing their services. They will offer to do the job less the deductible to offset that for the client. Now that’s become a felony for the contractor, punishable up to three years in the state penitentiary or up to $5,000 fine.”

What Can Homeowners Do?

Essentially, what people need to do now is either put money away in their savings account to prepare for their deductible if and when they need that, or Messick Roofing will provide financing for our clients.

We can pull up their application on a cell phone or tablet, and someone can be financed in less than 10 minutes. About 95% of clients that have asked for that service have been approved!

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