In Tulsa, we’re fortunate to have a lot of really beautiful historic buildings, but as they age, signs of wear and tear appear and the original construction ages out of code. That’s when calls for restoration begin to come in.

So, when a Tulsa architectural firm discovered the roof of its historic office building was in dire need of renovation, they called us at Messick Roofing to help with their historic building’s commercial roof replacement.

Preserving Historic Buildings

Historic roof replacements call for a high level of care and an eye for preservation of the old structure. And naturally, our client wanted to maintain the natural aesthetic of the building.

Fortunately, as a third generation roofing company, we’ve encountered many of these roofs from long ago days of Tulsa’s first glory.

Commercial Roof Replacement

We restored the decked roof and installed new insulation board with a TPO membrane. We also created a slight slope, so water would never pool on the roof.

The water feeds into a custom scupper system with gutters to take water down to the ground. The whole system helps prolong the life of the roof.

To prevent leaks, we ran the TPO membrane up and over the top of the roof underneath the flashing.

Roofing Aesthetics

The architect (aka the business owner) valued the historical aesthetic of the building, so to keep that style we added decorative stone on top of the flashing around the edge of the roof. We also created custom curbs for the HVAC units to combat rising heat for the two-story building which can be converted into skylights in the future.

Over 50 Years Commercial Roofing Experience

Messick has served Oklahoma businesses since 1962, and continues to deliver excellent results. Trust Messick for your next commercial roof replacement job. Call today: (918) 747-7141.