Oklahoma is no stranger to hailstorms of all sizes. And when it strikes, hail is nearly always devastating to your home – especially your roof. This home was one such example.

Shingle DamageOutwardly, it may not appear as though any real damage was done – but if you look closely, you can see the nicks and dents in the shingles from the hail damage.

When hail – especially golf ball size or larger – strikes your roof at an average of 100mph, not only is the shingle damaged, but the insulation and other roof layers also take a hit. This can lead to future leaks or even a collapse if left unresolved.

Luckily, damage like this is easy to fix. It only took a brief inspection and replacing the damaged shingles to resolve the issue.

Don’t leave your roof damaged. If you believe your home took a beating from a storm, call the professionals to take a look at it.

Messick is among the few roofers certified by the Oklahoma CIB and ORCA for both residential and commercial projects. Plus, Messick is local, family-owned, and has nearly 60 years of roofing experience.

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