From Broken Down Warehouse to Small Business

No project is beyond our ability here at Messick. We have the skill, equipment, and years of experience to do any roofing job you need done. However, this recent warehouse job proved to be more of a challenge than most. 

It checked every box: old, rusty, corroded, in desperate need of a new metal roof and TPO layering – and to be honest – it was an OSHA agent’s worst nightmare! To top that off, the owner wanted to use it as a small business, so making it safe and in compliance took first priority.

We knew just where to start on a project like this, and after examining the job site in detail, and creating a thorough strategy, we began the work.

From Gnarly Metal Roof to Insulated Office

Our first step was to remove the old gnarly metal roofing to make way for a fresh new layer, one MUCH safer and more stable to ensure it lasted longer than the previous surface.

After successfully removing the old corroded metal layer, we cleaned and established a new surface; one suitable for the higher-quality, newer metal layer we were replacing the original with.

From Corrosion to Splendor

A brand new layer of insulation raised the level of the working environment the owner wanted to create, and it provided a better working atmosphere for future employees.

After finishing up a high-quality insulation board on top of the metal layer, it was time to apply a fresh new layering of TPO to finish the roof.

With the TPO completed, our work was done! The building took on a bright new look and stood ready for the business owner to begin the exciting process of recreating the interior to his specifications.

From Insurance to Guarantee: We’ve got you covered!

No matter what your roof looks like – we’re here to help. And we have all the tools, knowledge, endorsements, and experience to fulfill your expectations. We even work hand in hand with your insurance company. Have a roofing situation? Give us a call at (918) 747-7141.

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