Some high-value residential projects focus less on adding or updating and more on increasing the overall cost efficiency of the home. This project near the Southern Hills Country Club was one such case.

Our client wanted to replace their wood shake roof with laminate shingles. Wood shakes are extremely expensive to maintain and they’re a fire hazard.

In this case, it was more expensive for our client to get insurance for the wood shakes than for their swimming pool!

Re-Roofing Process: Replacing Wood Shake Shingles

The process for removing wood shakes sounds simple enough, but is very physically demanding. If not done properly, it can seriously damage your home.

We began with an inspection of the current condition of the wood shakes the owner had wanted removed. After the inspection process, we began work on the roof.

We started by scraping off the old shakes and exposed the wood slats underneath. Many modern homes have decking underneath their roof, but most homes with shake roofing do not.

After applying the brand-new decking and lining it with a felt-paper moisture wicking barrier, we finally laid down the new laminated, impact-resistant shingles to the roof. This gave the home a modern look, as well as a fire-resistant roof.

Choosing The Right Roofing Company

Wood shakes might appear beautiful on your home, but they can sap your bank account with the required maintenance, constant fire risk, and expensive insurance costs. So many homeowners decide to replace them instead.

A project like this is complicated and physically challenging, making it a project many roofing companies cannot undertake.

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