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One chilly December, Messick Roofing Company found ourselves facing an apartment complex at 4th and Mingo in Tulsa. With eleven two-story buildings in all, the total square footage we needed to replace exceeded 30,000 square feet.

Since most of the buildings had decking issues, we were replacing far more than just the shingles. Thankfully, our team is always up the task at hand – no matter what size or condition the roof is in! 

From Start to Finish – Quality is Key

Apartment Complex roof replacementOur first step, as always, was to inspect all eleven roofs to determine all the materials needed for the project. Then came the task of removing the old and worn shingles using specialized equipment to prevent further damage. 

After replacing the decking we applied a layer of water-wicking material to seal out water and help retain the heat in winter and the cool in summer. It also increases both the lifetime of the roof and the lifetime of the building.

Finally, we applied the new shingles. In this case, we used laminate shingles with a 30-year warranty, ensuring it’ll be a long time before this complex needs to do another roof replacement.

Unique concerns

While replacing a shingle roof isn’t a particularly unique problem for a roofing company, managing a project this size is always a welcome challenge. Rather than try to starting all eleven buildings at once, we broke it down to do a building at a time, efficiently replacing one roof before we moved on to the next. 

Plus, there were multiple families we were disrupting with our work as we worked on this apartment complex, so we needed to make sure all our flags were in place and the buildings were roped off to protect them and us. 

All in all, the project took us about three weeks to complete.

Need a roof replacement?

With nearly 60 years in the roofing business and both residential and commercial endorsements from the Oklahoma CIB and ORCA, Messick has the experience and the manpower to manage projects large and small. Give us a call at 918-747-7141 to get a free inspection for your roof today.

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