professional roofing contractorDamage can sneak in slowly and silently.

As a home or business owner, it’s wise to be aware of the current status of your property. 

But with a little effort, you can discover the most noticeable signs of roof damage from inside the home.
#1 Experience

Noticing a potential problem with your roof is the first vital step in preventing damage. But from there, you need someone with an awareness and practical knowledge of all kinds of roofing problems. A professional roofing contractor will know the difference between a stain caused by a new leak and one left behind from an old repair. Calling a LOCAL roofer offers the added benefit of knowing the weather damage your roof is likely to have experienced.

#2 Safety

Stay safe. Stay on the ground. Professional roofers use safety gear and are equipped with experience navigating the varied angles, pitches, and textures of all kinds of roofs.

Heights might not be scary for everyone, but it’s good to call a professional roofer when it comes to climbing around on your roof.

Tips for discovering leaks on your own:

  • Look for dirty-looking water rings on ceilings or down the walls.
  • A roof leak could also manifest as mold on the rafters inside the attic or along outdoor siding.
  • Spotting potential roof leaks is important – but call a professional roofing contractor for these two big reasons!

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