New Home Inspection

Purchasing a new home? Protect yourself by taking a solid look through your home – especially your roof! Check for missing shingles, warped roofline, popping nails (a sign of heat stress and likely not enough ventilation to keep it cool).

Look Inside the Home for Roof Damage

You can investigate your roof yourself. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or work, but you must pay attention to sights, smells, sounds. A musty smell just might be from mold growing around a roof leak around a bathroom vent. But it could mean a roof replacement! Listen for air coming through where it shouldn’t. So be observant and use common sense.

Be sure to check the insulation. Even leaks that evaporated quickly in the summer are still visible in stains on the insulation. Here’s the important part: If you’re uncertain – we’re here to help.

Messick Roofing will do a FREE roof inspection.

Call us for a FREE Residential Roof Inspection before you buy a house. Realtors in the northeastern Oklahoma area know Messick Roofing, so feel free to ask them for a recommendation.

Realtors agree that a roof inspection is a good idea before purchasing a new home. Inspectors aren’t roofing specialists, so they might miss a problem. One couple noticed leaks in the ceiling and and found a bucket overflowing with water in the attic. The inspector was rushed that day and had approved the home too hastily.

Be your own advocate and call us at (918) 747-7141 for your free roof inspection. If the worst is revealed, and you need a roof replacement for your new residence, we can help get the job done quickly and efficiently.


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