At Messick, we have seen our fair share of apartment roofing projects.

This project however, was unique.

The major complication for this job came from a unique exhaust on the roof that the building owner wanted to preserve, as a way of keeping the historical aesthetic.

The apartment building roof was 5,200 square feet. That’s a big job! Thankfully, our decades of experience came into play here.

The Challenge

Roofing projects on historic buildings are always complicated. you have to not only save the roof, but you also have to help preserve the building in the process, so that the next generation can enjoy its beauty as well! 

So, we had to figure out how to keep the exhaust in place while properly replacing the roof. We achieved that by making a series of complicated cuts to get to the TPO around it.

We took meticulous care in ensuring that no damage was done to the historic exhaust system throughout the process. 

The Result

Once we completed that part of the project, the rest was a cakewalk. We laid down the new insulation and applied the new roofing material to wick away all the water and moisture that might try to make its way inside the building.

Another successful apartment roofing job completed.


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