Your home is your most valuable asset. And if you want your roof to keep you safe here is what you can do.


As a homeowner, property maintenance should always include your roof. And when summer hits, the intense heat can cause problems if you roof is not properly ventilated. How can you tell? Go outside and look up!

During the heat of summer, roofing nails CAN start to slowly “pull” themselves out. If there are tiny nails popping up out of your roof – it’s likely you have insufficient ventilation. 

If climbing the roof and checking for nails isn’t your thing, we offer free inspections. Call today to schedule yours: (918) 747-7141


In northwestern Oklahoma the trees abound! The more trees your lot has, the more leaves fall in autumn. And that means the potential for clogged and damaged gutters.

Gutters keep water flowing away from your roof and the rest of your home structure. So when a storm hits and throws debris like sticks and leaves onto your roof, the gutters catch more than their fair share. After an especially stormy summer and fall they may be in need of a serious clean-up session.

It may not be the most fun to do, but it has to be done. When gutters are left unattended, problems like corrosion, roof damage, wet basements, stained sidings, insect infestations, and even a weakened foundation can happen.

If you would rather let the professionals deal with your gutter clutter, contact Chris Mussman of Rainflow Systems, and let him know we sent you. He’s a pro and a trusted resource.


Did you know you have a cricket on your roof? These v-shaped metal barriers prevent water pooling behind the chimney and your roof free of damaging moisture. Problems occur when they pull away from the chimney, allowing water into the space. When the cold hits, ice dams build up behind them, forming a kind of frozen pond behind your chimney that melts over time. This slow drip will cause long term damage.

Avoid the cricket leak by taking a look at your chimney before winter weather sets in. If you’re uncertain what to look for give us a call. We’re here to help with a free inspection.


If you’ve been watching out for your home and roof through the summer, fall, and winter, it should be in pretty good shape come spring. But when spring storms start to blow through be sure to walk the house a couple of times after each storm. Storms bring with them different and unique issues depending on wind, precipitation, hail and ice.

Taking a moment for a quick once-over after stormy weather blows through should ensure that no small issues become big issues over time. If you’re ever concerned about your roof – call us. We have the experience and skill set to give you the best roof that will last.


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